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"Time Management Strategies for Entrepreneurs: How to Be More Effective by Being More Militant With Your Time."

From The Desk of 'No BS' Craig Valine
Pasadena, CA
August 2016

RE: Tuesday evening, August 30th at 6:30pm at The Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Old Pasadena with EMP Founder and Marketing Performance Strategist Craig

Dear Friend,

The one question I get from members, clients, and guests at our EMP Power Events is:
--->>> "How do I get it all done... and still have a life?"
The answer is, you've got to implement real world, kick butt, take no prisoners ruthless time management strategies... and be ok that not everyone will be ok with it.
When I think of the words "Time Management", I think of one word: Effectiveness.
If you are in business for yourself and you have lofty goals and high standards, you want to be as effective before anything else. 
You want to be effective for anything you value: Your family, your church, your charities, your fitness, your health, yourself... whatever.
The key to to real energy and time management is about, making you the most effective person that you can be.
To be effective, we have to be willing to offend some people. It is our business and we run it on our terms. We have to eliminate "Time Vampires" and we have to be "Militant" with our time. 

At this month's EMP Power Event we’ll talk about How to Be More Effective By Being More Militant With Our Time.... with very clear tactics on how to do so.

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Join us at our upcoming EMP Results LIVE Event on Tuesday August 30th at 6:30pm at The Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Old Pasadena.

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No BS Craig